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QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions 10.0 for 2010

QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions 10.0- advanced permissions enable customers to apply more granular user permissions to activities within all areas of QuickBooks by assigning distinct user access levels including view-only, create, modify, delete, and print.
QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions 10.0 enables permission controls on over 115 individual activities, compared to 10 broad-area activities in QuickBooks Premier. You can also restrict access to specific lists and report groups based on user roles. This use of roles (along with the 13 pre-defined roles) makes it more efficient to set up and maintain permissions, especially when there are a large number of users. Users can be assigned multiple roles, and individual roles can be assigned to multiple users. This increased granularity of control gives the Admin the flexibility to customize access levels for each user. Questions:  1-866-383-8533

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